Business Consultancy

As well as offering Serviced and Virtual office facilities Enterprise Business Centre also works with a team of experienced business consultants to assist you with your business planning, offering affordable solutions for all types of business.

General consultancy is charged at an hourly rate:

See details about general consultancy

We also specialise in the following fields, and can offer specialist advice in many other areas through our expanding network of advisors:

  • Starting a Business in Australia
  • Launching and marketing your business
  • Business planning
  • Grant applications and Tender responses
  • Business performance reviews
  • Project management and systemisation
  • Selling your business

Please call us for a tailored quote.

Because of the large numbers of Business start-ups in the Northern Corridor of Perth we also offer two tailored, intensive consultations for those considering starting a business and those about to launch themselves into the marketplace.

Start your Business Right

Launch your Business

Launch your Business


Please call us and see how we can help. 0406 734 403

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