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This short 1/2 day course will introduce you to the ideas behind SEO.  You will watch me create a website from scratch in real time, apply basic search engine optimisation and also show what can be achieved by having a YouTube channel that is put together properly.  This course is NOT required if you are attending the full, one day courses, it is intended more as a showcase for you to see what is possible, once you take online marketing seriously.

It also allows you to check me out, prior to deciding wether you wish to invest in my series of three, 1 days courses.  Come along with lots of questions and put me to the test!  During the seminar I will provide you with the knowledge and free tools to run an SEO audit on your current website and let you see if your existing SEO company is any good or not.  As the old saying goes “knowledge is power”.

ALL PROCEEDS from this 1/2 day course donated to charity

This seminar is suitable for:

  • Small Business owners
  • Website managers
  • Business start-ups
  • Marketing professionals

Seminar Details:

Presenter: David Murray
Date: Saturday July 1, 2017
Start time: 9.00 am – 12.00
Duration: 1/2 Day
Location: Enterprise Business Centre
Price: $30 (plus. GST)

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